About us

What is Sutochno.ee ?

Simply saying, the webpage itself is a working platform with a range of apartments suggested to book and pay for on spot.

Daily rent in Estonia, cities Tallinn and Narva.

But its not just an ordinary daily-rent offers. Sutochno.ee is a customer-oriented service, that rises its brand loyalty with an every opportunity, meaning: creative web page design, high-quality pictures of apartments, reviews, instructions and regulations, extra information for customers about transport/tours/food services, articles on interesting touristic topics, special deals & promotions for registered people and of course a variety of payment methods!

The content of the website is not ordinary. It is very precise, simple to understand, with a sure price range, and clear descriptions. Administrators of Sutochno.ee tried to create a service for all multi-cultural generations, thats why website is easy to use. The goal is not to entertain, but to share important information with visitor and make him/her choose us. For that reason simplicity is very important to Sutochno.ee.

The pictures of apartments show not only an inner view, but the outdoors, so visitors could have a clear picture of a Tallinn/Narva neighborhood they are going to overnight by. Content is available in English, Russian and Estonian languages. Terms and Conditions page introduces you to the set of rules before booking a date.

Currently, there are 4 apartments and 1 house presented for daily rent in Tallinn and 1 apartment for rent in Narva. All are available for booking from 1 to 30 days, all can be suited for individual match of customers, ex. children, pets, more sleeping spots, etc. Sutochno.ee can be flexible to add extra terms, dictated by the guests.

Its open not just to rent out the apartments, but to welcome you in Estonia and provide comfort. We will explain:

  • how to get to the apartments from the bus station/airport/Bey
  • where to order most delicious sushi in Tallinn
  • what transport to use to get to the Old Town
  • how to pack a traveling bag effectively

Sutochno.ee  is not just the daily apartment rent webpage – its a useful tool to spend your vacation in Estonia with joy.

With all the best wishes,

Sutochno.ee  team